• Date: July 21, 2020

  • Location: Twin Falls, Rock Island State Park

  • Package: Adventure Elopement

  • Floral: Our Natural Round Boho Set

This was hands down one of the most emotional elopements we have witnessed! Lindsey and Kyle were the most over the moon, excited, couples we have had the pleasure of working with! They arrived at the falls in style, a stretch limo with a partition so they couldn't see each other. This was a first and we weren't sure how it was going to work but they pulled it off flawlessly. After a first look we hiked down to the waterfall and witnessed the most emotional ceremony - ever! We had such a feeling of happiness for these two, we just knew we had to feature their story on our site! ** Check out our other blog post about the amazing gift baskets these two surprised us with at the end of their elopement!

How did you two meet?

We met at a Mexican restaurant in Bossier City, LA, before the Garth Brooks concert (it was his final tour). I was living in Shreveport at the time and he was living in Monroe. He and his friends came over for the concert, and me and my best friend (both single) were there with two of our friends (married couple). The husband saw a table full of guys behind us and went over and asked which guys were single LOL. He was always doing anything to embarrass us! I told him unless you bring back that one right there (pointing to Kyle), I am not interested. So he went back to the table and found out Kyle had a girlfriend...bummer!! ;) But several of us ended up becoming friends and stayed in touch throughout the years. Then when Kyle became single he reached out to me and it was love ever since!

Who said i love you first?

We both said it at the same exact we do everything else ;) I knew I loved him the very first day he came to see me the minute I opened my garage door and saw his big smile. He said he knew he loved me after the first few hours. Everything was so easy, nothing was awkward and neither of us were nervous. We both had a feeling of comfort like we were finally right where we needed to be. It instantly felt like we had been together forever. You know when you know!

tell us your proposal story?

So the first day he came into town (Shreveport) I took him to my family’s land (dads side) and we fished at our pond. My dad was out there so he got to meet him on that day. This was a BIG deal because this was the first time I had brought a guy around my parents in five years (since my last long term boyfriend of 6+ years). Our family calls this land “the pond” and it was where my grandmother grew up. It's also where we spread my grandmother and grandfathers ashes, so it’s a very special place! A few months later after we had been dating, Kyle came into town and wanted to go fishing early one morning so we loaded up and headed to the pond. Once we got there, I noticed we forgot the fishing poles, but I was still half asleep (I am NOT a morning person but Kyle is) so it really didn’t click to me that something was up. We ended up just walking around and we walked up to the pond, and I looked at him and I knew he was either about to tell me something really bad or or really good. Before you know it, he got down on one knee. I of course said YES as I was happy crying, and I could feel my grandparents and all of my family there with us in spirit as he asked me to marry him. Except for the day of our wedding, this was by far the best day of my life.

what made you decide to elope?

Kyle had previously been married and had a huge traditional expensive wedding and that marriage lasted a good ole four months. And I have never ever wanted a big wedding. Although I’m extroverted and a huge people person, I HATE all eyes being on me. Also, I am very clumsy (hence me falling down into the rocks in TN) and lord knows I was not born to walk down the isle in front of hundreds of people. So with that said, neither of us were big fans on having a big traditional wedding. We’re both very sentimental and wanted this day to be so special and we wanted to be able to remember every single second of our wedding day. We didn't want it to be about anyone else except us two and The Lord. We definitely were able to capture this by eloping with you guys. Hands down, the BEST decision we have ever made!

what made you choose this elopement location?

We both loved the idea of honeymooning in Tennessee so we started researching adventure weddings and the first site we clicked on was you guys. We were sold after looking at your page, and were SO excited when you had July 21st available.

what did you love most about your elopement experience?

How stress-free, special, and sentimental it was. We remember every single second of the ceremony and taking the pictures were so much fun!

what advice would you give to other couples contemplating an elopement?

Contemplate no further; book the elopement! Besides one another, this was the best decision we‘ve ever made. And to make sure our family and friends were still a part of our "wedding," we are hosting a celebration dinner back home in the next few weeks.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

Kyle and I have such a special story that exemplifies the saying of “you know when you know.” Both of us had previous long term relationships which ended leaving us with the feeling that we would never find true love. Once we found each other, our whole outlook on love changed INSTANTLY. It took one day, literally, for both of us to realize we had found "the one." It's so hard to explain, but you know when you know and there is absolutely no question in your mind that this is the one God created for you. You know for a 110% fact that this is your person. It's the BEST feeling in the world, and we both look back and everything in our life that previously happened makes sense, dating all the way back to our childhoods. Kyle was the puzzle piece I had been missing for 27 years, and I was his missing puzzle piece too. When I look into his eyes, I see him at 86 years old and know that I will be with him until my last day on this Earth. He's my best friend and the man I dreamed about ever since I was a little girl.

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