Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Anyone who knows Michael and I, has most likely heard us talk about Sedona, AZ - alot! We first visited Sedona seven years ago for our 3rd wedding anniversary. I will never forget the feeling of driving up and seeing the majestic red rocks and the feeling of pure peace and contentment when we stepped out of the car. It was hands down our favorite trips so when it came time to plan our 10 year vow renewal, Sedona, was our 1st choice!

While planning our vow renewal, we were lucky enough to connect with another couple looking to elope in Sedona! Michael and I were SO excited to do an elopement in one of our favorite places on earth. We just knew it was going to amazing, especially after talking to Mackenzie and Chaz and realizing how laid back and fun they were!

We arrived in Sedona, AZ a few days early to scope locations for both our vow renewal and their elopement. Our first day out we knew we had found the perfect spot, Cathedral Rock! You can't fully grasp the beauty and sheer size of this massive rock formation and all of the stunning flora surrounding it - unless you are there. What you see with your eyes and feel in your entire being is something that can't really be expressed with words.

We sent over some pictures to Mackenzie and Chaz and they loved it as well! The two of them along with a few close family members were making the drive from San Diego in a few short days and I could sense their excitement.

December 7th arrived and Michael and I headed over to Cathedral Rock to await the arrival of Mackenzie, Chaz and their families. A short hike up and we found the perfect landing area for the ceremony. Short, sweet, and unbelievably emotional - the ceremony was pure perfection.

After the ceremony we made sure to get some good family pictures, then Chaz popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate!

We spent the rest of the day taking full advantage of all the stunning backgrounds for their couples pictures. We absolutely cannot wait to head back out for more destination elopements in Sedona!

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