• Michelle Blair


Updated: Jul 16, 2020

  • Date: June 23, 2020

  • Location: Gatlinburg, TN Smoky Mountain National Park

  • Package: Adventure Elopement with Floral Rental

Gatlinburg Adventure Elopements are one of our newer offerings, and so far they have been nothing short of spectacular! Michael and I were lucky enough to stumble upon this location and have since done 3 elopements there, with several more booked!

Amber and Chris were so much fun and were so excited from the moment they arrived! We knew that energy combined with how amazing they looked, were going to make for some awesome pictures - and we were right!

Amber chose our "Shades of Pink Boho" floral rental set and I have to say - it was a fab choice with their attire! It's amazing how much floral really does add to the photos : )

Now that these two lovebirds were back home and settling into married life, we asked them if they would care to share their story with us! How they met, what made them choose to elope and what advice they had for other couples looking to do the same.

How did you two meet? 

We met on the facebook.  We talked through text for a few days before we met in person. When Chris and I first met neither one of us were LOOKING for a relationship and had absolutely no expectations of dating but more wanting to connect with someone and have a friend to experience new and fun things with and that friendship between us eventually turned to love. 

Who said I love you first?

I know for me I fell in love with him on our first vacation together in Durango Colorado about two months after we met BUT he was the one to say it first not long after our trip. 

Tell us your proposal story! 

There is really no formal proposal story. I had been sending pictures and hints about how beautiful some spots were and how great it would be to get married in a unique location one day. We eventually decided that we were already living our lives together so why not just make it official and become husband and wife. 

What made you decide to elope?

We decided to elope because we really wanted to focus on us and what we wanted for our special day without any kind of stress from what comes with planning a wedding as well as we wanted to incorporate a really great vacation into the deal. 

What made you choose your elopement location?

Michael and Michelle picked our location and NAILED it simply with me just describing what we had in our vision for where we wanted to say our vows. 

What did you love the most about your elopement experience? 

We loved how simple, easy and stress free the day was. It rained all morning leading up to our wedding time and Michelle and Michael were great and very flexible with moving times so that we could get amazing pictures within a window where no rain was scheduled but most of all we loved that it was just Chris and I and our love for each other that was the focus that day. 

What advice would you give to other couples, contemplating an elopement?

Just make it all about you! Do what makes you and your partner happy and do not second guess your decision to elope. It is so worth it! 

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

We had such an amazing time during our Gatlinburg elopement and fell in love with the area that we will soon be moving to Tennessee!! Thank you Michael and Michelle for helping us have the perfect day! 

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