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Michelle Blair - The Lover

Loves: photography, animals, traveling, movies, trying new restaurants, binge watching shows, anything girly, annoying her amazing husband Michael and Spoiling Cooper & Bentley as much as possible.


Rev. Brandon Rich - Wedding officiant and venue manager for Elopements of Nashville. Rev. Rich is a seminary-trained ordained minister and former pastor, and is possibly the most experienced Nashville wedding minister.


Cooper - The Boss

Loves: giving AND receiving kisses, treats, broccoli lol, going bye bye and pretty much any toy. He is our reason for getting up in the morning.

Thinks he's a Hooman...

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Michael Blair - The Tech

Loves: all things tech, photography, cars, traveling, coffee, more coffee, trying new restaurants, is madly in love with his wonderful wife Michelle and adores his boys Cooper & Bentley.


Bentley - Little Brother

Loves: His stuffed puppy, comfy beds, any annoying squeak ball, and of course - his big brother. He is also our reason for getting up in the morning.

Also thinks he's a Hooman...

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Michelle + Michael Blair - Photographers, dreamers and crazy animal lovers! A husband and wife team and fulltime elopement specialists based in Nashville, TN. Having owned and operated a very successful, award winning wedding photography company in Nashville for over a decade - we decided to focus only on couples that want to Elope in Nashville. Our only focus is your elopement, we don't have other jobs, or projects to distract us from your big day!


Over the years we noticed a very common theme with our large, traditional weddings. Financial strain, family pressures to have and do things a certain way, and the stress of trying to make so many big decisions for their wedding day, had couples wishing for their big day to just be over already. We watched for years as Nashville weddings became more and more about fulfilling the obligations of family and friends and less about the couple and what they truly wanted. We decided to say goodbye to large traditional weddings and cater solely to couples wanting to elope in Nashville or have a small intimate wedding.


We have taken our years of experience in both weddings and Nashville elopements and created elopement packages to fit nearly every budget, want and need! We connect with our couples to give them the intimate, meaningful, elopement of their dreams and capture it all through our lens!


With Elopements of Nashville you're getting way more than just photographers. 


From the first point of contact our goal is to help you have the most amazing, stress free experience possible.  We make sure you know all our tips and tricks for having a fabulous elopement, from hair and makeup, restaurant recommendations and how to obtain your marriage license.


When the big day arrives, we are incredibly laid back and love to laugh and joke around. We usually end up with two new best friends by the end of our elopements. Our posing style is a mix of candid and suggestive posing, a combination we find makes our couples incredibly open and comfortable in front of the camera.


Eloping gives you and your partner the opportunity to set aside everything and focus on what matters on your wedding day - your relationship! Contact us today and start planning your Nashville elopement!

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