Cumberland Park has the best views of the Nashville skyline, and is located right on the Cumberland River. It offers not only stunning views of downtown and the river but also a great mix of tree lined trails, a tall industrial/rustic building as well as an elevator going straight up to the pedestrian bridge. The bridge leads right over the river to downtown broadway! You are able to have your elopement up on the bridge, down by the river or anywhere else in the park, then have all of your couples pictures in and around the park and bridge. 


This is a very popular/busy location. It is located beside the Titans Stadium and the outdoor Amphitheatre. This location also serves as a parking location for many events downtown Nashville. Parking and locations are subject to availability and in the event we are unable to use that area the backup location is Centennial Park. While this has never happened before, we always make our couples aware. 

IF you are planning to elope with just the two of you and a max of 2 other guests you aren't required to obtain a special permit. If you are planning to have more guests, would like to specifically reserve a spot or set up chairs you will need to obtain the permit, for $250.

We always check the Nashville events schedule before booking any elopements or sessions, and that usually works well! 

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