How are adventure elopements different?

 Super Laid Back!

Adventure elopements usually last an hour to an hour and a half and are scheduled for the most ideal temperature and lighting - right before sunset! There is no strict time slot like our Nashville, venue elopements - these are very relaxed, fun and romantic at the same time.

 Ditch the dress shoes! 

Adventure elopements are out in the elements. We climb around rocks, water and whatever else one might come across out in nature! Our adventure couples ditch the dress shoes and throw on some outdoor wear to navigate the terrain and rock it in their photos! 

One with nature!

Words cant express the feel of a couple exchanging vows in front of a roaring waterfall or up on the side of a cliff. It's the most romantic, natural and flat out amazing way to tie the knot - in our opinion : )

Adventure Officiant + Photographer

These sessions are not the typical everyday wedding event, and we aren't your typical officiant and photographer!  We LOVE what we do and come dressed and ready to adventure with you! Michael officiates in dress casual attire and hiking boots and Michelle sports workout clothes and hiking boots! We climb, crawl and work our way through all kinds of trees and bushes to get you the most incredible photos to capture your day. 



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