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  • Exchanging your vows in total and complete privacy, while you are able to truly express your feelings for one another.

  • Choose an Adventure Elopement or Elope in Nashville. We have some of the most beautiful locations in Nashville for you to say "I Do"!  All while a photographer captures every moment.

  • No stress, distractions or pressure to please family and friends on your special day, just you, your partner and your vision.


In the technical sense, “to elope” means “to run away,” but modern eloping no longer means running away from family to secretly get hitched, or purposely leaving your family and friends out of the biggest day of your lives. It's not even about trying to save money, even though in most cases it does! It's about allowing yourselves the opportunity to have a stress-free, one of a kind, crazy awesome experience on the most important day of your lives. A day that is truly about the two of you and no one else! It's about two people committing themselves to each other in the most romantic, intimate way possible - while on an incredible adventure no other couple will ever have but them! Oh - and getting really EPIC pictures along the way!

Forgoing a large, traditional wedding to elope does not necessarily mean completely skipping a ceremony or reception to celebrate the occasion. Sometimes, couples who elope simply want to have a more intimate and quiet wedding with a limited amount of guests. 

Adventure Elopements

For the adventurous couples that want something a little different we recommend our Adventure Elopement Packages! An Adventure Elopement requires some hiking to waterfalls or mountain tops for an epic backdrop for your ceremony.

Waterfall Weddings

Say "I Do" in front of an amazing waterfall with our Adventure Elopements! The photos are amazing and your big day will be the bees knees!

Gatlinburg Elopements

Gatlinburg is a great spot for a destination wedding or elopement! Mountain tops and rivers make for great photos in this popular spot!


Thinking about eloping in Nashville? We have some pretty spectacular places to host your elopement or intimate wedding.

These days it seems like everyone wants to elope in Nashville, and for good reason! Nashville not only offers a great backdrop for a ceremony, but plenty of dining options for an intimate reception afterwards. If you're on a budget, Nashville also offers the cheapest elopement packages in the united states.


Once you have settled on Nashville as your elopement destination, you’ll then have to choose from the many locations it offers, that's where we come in!

We have access to some of the most popular wedding venues and wedding chapels in Nashville. Our affordable elopement packages will leave plenty of room in the budget to have a nice weekend of fun in Nashville.

  • Nashville Elopements

    Elope in Nashville with the Blair's! Packages include a wedding venue/location, wedding photographer and wedding officiant. Contact us today to get a list of all of our locations and Nashville Elopement Packages - let's start planning your big day! We also offer elopement photography packages for venues that include everything else!



  • Adventure Elopements

    For the adventurous couples that want something a little different we recommend our Adventure Elopement Packages! An Adventure Elopement requires some hiking to waterfalls or mountain tops for an epic backdrop for your ceremony. Contact us today to see our Adventure Elopement Packages and let's get going! Waterfall weddings are hard to beat! We also have Gatlinburg, TN elopement packages!



  • Destination Elopements

    Elopements of Nashville, offers Destination Elopements? Yes, even though we are in one of the top destinations to elope, we do still love to travel. Contact us today and let's build a custom Destination Elopement Package! Eloping in Iceland, Ireland, Joshua Tree, you name it! Sedona, AZ has been a popular spot!



  • Elopement Officiants

    Whether you Elope in Nashville, have an amazing Waterfall Elopement, or are Eloping in your parents backyard, we have the Nashville Wedding Officiants to make it all legal. You can choose from several beautiful ceremonies to fit your vision.




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