We hear it all the time from people who ask what we do for a living- “eloping is that popular”? YES! Not only are couples choosing to elope, but traditional wedding vendors are now catching on to the advantages too! In the “old days” eloping meant to run away and secretly get married, often due to unfortunate or controversial circumstances, while carrying with it a rather less than acceptable image in the eyes of friends and family.

TODAY, eloping has a whole new purpose and meaning!

  • Say “I do” with just the two of you (or a few of your closest family and friends) - in an old historic house, a tiny romantic chapel, up on a mountain, next to a waterfall or anywhere your heart desires.

  • Stress and expectation free, chose how you want to spend your special day with no outside pressure to please others.

  • Save money by not having a large, traditional wedding and put that money into a once in a lifetime honeymoon or new home!

  • EPIC pictures in amazing locations, traditional weddings don’t allot time for.


As photographers we constantly heard our couples say how much they wished their day would just be over already, because they were so stressed and exhausted between the financial burden and pressures from family and friends.

Elopements of Nashville was created to give couples a better way to say “I DO”


Hi There, We’re the Blairs!

We LOVE capturing love stories! Over a decade shooting weddings across 3 states, with close to 30 employees and 150 weddings a year- we decided to go back to our roots. We really missed the connection we had with our couples in the beginning, when things were actually about the couple and not who could have the biggest most elaborate wedding! Over the years it became so common for our couples to say to us during their engagement sessions - “Honestly, we are just ready for the big day to be over!”. When asked why, it was always the same answers. Financial strain, family pressures to have and do things a certain way and the overall stress of trying to make so many big decisions. Our friends and family thought we were crazy when we told them we were going to sell our large wedding photography business and re-brand to focus solely on elopements. It meant giving up the name and brand we built to be the biggest and most highly reviewed in Nashville, all our awards, our downtown studio… but guess what? We did it, and we haven’t looked back since! We are making those special connections with our couples again and helping them find the perfect spots to say “i do”!

“Connecting with couples and telling their love story through our images, while offering the kind of stress-free, meaningful, wedding day they deserve.”


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